Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pop Culture is my Calling

As I mentioned a couple days  ago I am really into pop culture. To illustrate to you how true this is, let me tell you about the papers I have written since coming to Parsons. Last semester I wrote a paper about Batman, and how Gotham city is essentially NYC. If you want to argue that Gotham is Chicago, I will debate you to the death. In my last few papers for my global issues classes I have managed to reference both Seinfeld and Michael Jordan. 

My favorite paper though was my paper on the Evolution of the Nerd. Essentially my paper illustrated how the Nerd has evolved from Socially unacceptable to hearthrob over the past 50 30-50 years, and that also the Nerd is the predecessor to the hipster. My paper covered Richie Cunningham, Louis Skolnick, and Seth Cohen. Then concluded with a bit about hipsters and using the hipster olympics as my main source. If you have not seen the hipster olympics, watch it now, do it. I even embedded it in this post for your convenience.

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