Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break MONDAY

So I decided I would finally post some of my sightings from my spring break in the city. I had a great first weekend, but I do not have my images ready to post from that, so here we are Monday March 16th. I started my day with getting my hair cut. It was a lovely way to start the week.

From there I grabbed some lunch, and was perplexed where to eat it before I went to the MoMA, since I was in midtown I decided to eat in one of the public courtyards big buildings are required to put in, because thats what they are there for right? Well I chose the right courtyard, because it had a Hello Kitty themed sculpture garden. She just seems to be everywhere, in office buildings and creepy M.A.C. ads.

Outside of the courtyard I saw a movie trailer that had Lucy and Desi on the doors. I see trailers with their names on it everywhere, I always wonder what is going on being a big I Love Lucy fan, my brother thought perhaps all these trailers belong to Desilu productions.

Then I headed to the MoMA, and saw EVERYTHING. That's right everything. I started in teh 6th floor, and wandered through every gallery. It was absolutely exhausting, but was cool because I have never done that before. I normally go to see a few exhibits and thats it. The special exhibit on the 6th floor is a retrospective of of Martin Kippenbergers work, which I was not familiar with before but was thoroughly impressed with after visiting. Such an expansive body of work, it is people like him who make me want to spend all my time creating, and also anger me because I do not spend all my time creating. I am also including the picture of the matchbook I mentioned a while ago (I saw it at the MoMA first). I also got to see the MoMA 40 years of Modern Art Exhbiting, which was also very cool.

The MoMA wore me out, so I decided to head home and I passed the Friars Club on the way and noticed a plaque noting there was a time capsule buried there not to be opened until 2104. I thought that was pretty cool.

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