Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paul Rudd

Earlier today I was watching Clueless and thought I should really write a post about Paul Rudd. My brother and I have often discussed that an actor that can still make you love him after hooking up with his step-sister is a genius. We were Paul Rudd fans before people even knew you could be a Paul Rudd fan.

Well I got distracted, and didn't write about Paul. Then tonight I went to dinner with my friend Jeff at the Burger Joint, and low and behold PAUL RUDD WAS THERE. I was too excited for words. It was quite possibly one of the greatest nights of my life. Oh Paul, how I love thee.

(I couldn't decide picture was better, so I chose to post both because you can never have to much Paul Rudd. First image from Portroids [a pretty cool concept] second image from google)


Laura said...

oh, how jealous am i!
did you see the photo of him as dr. frankenstein in vanity fair?

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ok I can't believe you met him. Or at least saw him at close range. I've been a long-time Paul Rudd fan (harking back to Clueless, of course) and am so glad he's back on the scene these days.