Monday, September 15, 2008


These plates are the inspiration for a new project I am doing about sound pollution. I love the new Batmans, but I also love the imagery of the old school Batman with Adam West. 

My brother is a big Batman guy, and when he was little he used to play Batman and Robin with his best friend. He would always be Robin though. You might think it odd that a kid would concede to being Robin, but he made a deal with his friend if the friend got to be Batman my brother got to decide everything they did. What a clever little kid.

Batman image from here.


futurelint said...

I love those plates and the old school batman style. My gma got me this little girls underwear and bra pj set that was WonderWoman when I was six. I lived in a shitty neighborhood in Chicago and when a group of guys threw a brick threw our window by mistake, I totally chased their car down the street thinking I could catch them because of the super powers. I wound up stepping on broken glass. It was gross and disappointing. I love that your brother wanted to be Robin. Adorable.

WendyB said...