Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I have been seeing a lot of commericals for "Confession of a Shopaholic" I haven't really formed an opinion on it. Normally I would gag a little, but then my love, Hugh Dancy, is in it. Also the girl with the cropped bangs was one of Rory's friends from Gilmore Girls. Which is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I don't care how pathetic that sounds, it is wonderful. And really how much lower can I go after listing off fact of fact about "Gossip Girl" in front of my entire class yesterday. 

Oh also, the picture above of Rory's friend, Krysten Ritter, is from an issue of the deceased Jane Magazine. Which I miss thoroughly. I love love Jane, and wish it was still in print.

Isn't the picture just adorable?


Chelsea said...

Yes this is just an adorable picture. I too miss Jane Mag.!!

I *Heart* You said...

did you read the shopaholic books? they were my favorite in college. totally vapid but tons of fun. a little bridget jones-ish. i cannot wait for the movie.

cassaundra said...

super cute blog, adorable photo.

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