Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mad Men and Bewitched

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between Mad Men and Bewitched? Let me lay them out for you.

Donald Draper & Darrin Stephens: Both work in a big name add agency. Both have dark hair, and are handsome. Both are sensitive and loving, but have some anger issues.

Roger Sterling & Larry Tate: Both are partners in an advertising agency. Both have silver hair. Both like to drink and like women. I am guessing if Bewitched wasn't so PG of a show Larry Tate would have had an affair or two.

Betty Draper & Samantha Stephens: Beautiful, young, blonde housewives.

Sally Draper & Tabitha Stephens: Oldest child, girl, blonde hair.

Bobby Draper & Adam Stephens: Youngest child, boy, brown hair.

I was just watching Bewitched the other night, and made the connection between Larry & Darrin and  Donald & Roger and then I realized the rest, and wanted to share with you all!


NICE. DANG. PAES. said...

Well done.

Laura said...

hahaha, thats great.
i love them both!

frances said...

That is so funny! I just was watching Bewitched on Hulu and thought that Larry Stevens and Roger Sterling were so alike... then I found this blog.

yts said...

I thought I was the first to notice. Very good post, I like it!

Bart said...

I JUST got turned on to MAD MEN this past week, watching the entire first season On Demand. I immediately made the connection to BEWITCHED as it is one of my all-time favorite shows. While many people discuss the physical similarities between characters on the show, the whole premise of each show is that an ad man is hiding a secret. While Darrin is hiding his wife's witchcraft, Don is hiding secrets of his past and more. Of course both shows have lots of drinking with BEWITCHED featuring a laugh-track behind it when someone passes-out.

I would love to hear how much (not "if") BEWITCHED was copied for MAD MEN. I think of MAD MEN as the "Serina" of the two: Look alike twins, one considered "good" and the other very very "dark."

I would die if MAD MEN made mention of "Hercules Tractors" "Super Soapy Soap" or "Franklin Electronics."

I this whole subject deserves a Facebook page of its own..... hmmmmmmm

Bart said...

Okay......... I did it. I created a FB group titled "Mad Men and Bewitched: Identical Cousins?"