Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Six Feet Under

I have recently gotten into Six Feet Under. And by into I mean watching 4 episodes in a row, and still wanting to watch more. Currently I am 11 episodes into the series. I remember hearing a lot about it when I was high school and being told it was something I should watch, but I think I wouldn't have enjoyed it then (a mere three years ago). Now I love it. And it makes me cringe sometimes, which is just one of the many grand elements in this show. 

Another great thing about the show is Peter Krause. He plays Nate, and is splendid. Do you guys remember him on that show "Sports Night"? And after perusing his IMDB he was also on "Cybil" which I totally forgot he was on! Now he is on Dirty Sexy Money, which I have heard good things about and have decided to give a chance because I enjoy Peter so much.

So to sum up, watch Six Feet Under (even though it is not longer running), and enjoy Peter Krause in everything he does.

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