Monday, April 20, 2009

Sara Fanelli

I have the bestest mommy ever. Saturday night she sent me the link to the new book by Sara Fanelli and says if I like she will get it for me. How sweet! Of course I loved the book and now it is on its way to me.

I had not heard of this lovely illustrator before and now I love her. This book sounds amazing, it is a book full of literary quotes and illustrations done by Fanelli. I cannot wait to peruse it!

Below is a picture of what my mom looks like essentially. I look exactly like my mom, and when I have long hair and I straighten it scares me to look in a mirror because I look so much like her. So this her, with a sad face, because I am not on the West Coast as much I wish that I was. (By the way, we both have chins, but it is hidden in this turtleneck, a favorite of the original Betsy)

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julianne said...

haha somehow i doubt that your mom would be very flattered by this. :-P is this an old picture? your hair is too long in it...