Friday, April 24, 2009

Claire her Boyrfriend, and Benny

Clair makes films. Last year she traveled to New Zealand to film a documentary. Clair eats a lot of pickles and sometimes chews with her mouth open - but only when she's alone. Clair has a dog named Yoshi who rides a skateboard! 

Andy is a park ranger in Oregon. 
He protects wildlife and nature on a daily basis. Andy drives a yellow jeep that has no doors, and plays the bongo drum in a band called "Bare Feet". Andy loves Popsicles and thunderstorms. 

I just came across these amazing hand made dolls on Etsy and I am in love!!!

I love the pairing of Claire with her BF in one of the pictures on her listing,  and Benny is red-headed park ranger. Does it get much better?

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