Saturday, October 18, 2008


So if you were cool in elementary school you had an American Girl doll. Choosing which doll you were going to get was quite the laborious process. I think for most though, I know this how it happened in my case, you ended up choosing the doll that most resembled you. Thus for Christmas in 1st grade I received Samantha. She was wondrous. I loved her, and now I hear American Girl is retiring her. Well I actually first heard this because my friend said they were killing off Samantha. I thought that seemed a little extreme, and it is. They apparently felt that since she has been around for 22 years it is time to crudely push her aside, and make room for new dolls. Whatevs, I still have my doll.

Samantha, you will be missed.


Chelsea said...

oh no! I hope they don't kill of kirsten. she was my fav. though i never had one (we couldn't afford it:) i loved it when they actually had the matching clothes for the girls. they were really beautiful. i think the whole company has sold out. it's not quite the same. as you can see i was totally obsessed with these as a kid!

Laura said...

WHAT?! i was a samantha girl through & through...we even had matching outfits!
this is terrible news.

Margot said...

Samantha is clearly the coolest and most classy. She will be sorely missed. Luckily I still have her to give to my own children.