Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have recently acquired a celebrity crush on Matthew Gubler. I had just seen him here and there (He was Tom's friend in 500 Days of Summer), and thought I might be the only one with this crush. Then I saw this amazing tumblr post that talked about "all the ways he's hot". I agree with all of the reasons this tumblrer listed.

"Why He’s Hot:

He’s tall - 6’1”. Clambering up that lanky frame of his like a tree sounds like one hell of a worthwhile activity.
He’s effortlessly sexy. He makes just walking down the streettalking on his cell phone look like the hottest activity on Earth.Hey Matthew. Can I lean against that thing with you? Maybe take you back to my place? I have lots of things you can lean against there. Naked. Like shower doors. And bedroom walls. And me.
He plays the smartest character on television - Dr. Spencer Reidfrom Criminal Minds and you want nothing more than to pick his brain, help distract him from that horribly stressful occupation, and ease that social anxiety.
Ohmygod The Scruff. And paired with that perpetually disheveled hair and slight bit of neck beard? Umph.
He’s the total package. He’s artistic, he’s funny, he’s thatslightly awkward adorable and he’s so attractive he’s agoddamn model. That much perfection in one package? It can only extend to what’s in his pants. I mean, why would it stop there? It wouldn’t."


Ariana C. said...

I positively agree.

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